Monster truck Crashes Into Crowd At Mexican Air Show In Chihuahua, Mexico! (ORIGINAL FOOTAGE)`

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Monster truck Crash At Mexican Air Show Chihuahua, Mexico Monster truck Crash At Mexican Air Show Chihuahua, Mexico Monster truck Crash At Mexican Air Show C…


Gary Reyna says:

Mientras menos burros, más olotes

Ben NoneOfYourDamnBusiness says:

Now that’s a monster truck! Really sad indeed…

B0SSNINE says:

They said the driver hit his head and was knocked unconscience. And trust me, that engine is no where near full throttle. First, those things can hit 70 mph in 4 seconds at full throttle (albeit this is an older truck, so say 50 in 5), its not revving at all, and the obvious giveaway: the throttle goes in and out!

Izzy Ch says:

Here comes the mayo(8)

Jorge Coria says:

Pobre gente :(

ut00bguru says:

Notice how they all start running for the border.

droldies59 says:

The crowd was to to close.

Kevin A says:

That’s terrible. So much could have been done to prevent him

oaxakordeon84 says:

Who gave the permits to get this going. the Mexican government is responsible as well

George Bush says:

Because they have little money. This doesn’t seem to be anything but a 1960′s circus level quality show.


BMXape says:

the driver was not wearing a seatbelt, on landing he hit his head and knocked himself out, you know the rest xD

Jose Luis Carrsaco says:

Organizers of the “Extreme Aeroshow” said hundreds of families had gathered without permission in what was supposed to be the pit area at one end of a makeshift arena in a park in Chihuahua, capital of the border state of Chihuahua.

The pit area was unprotected by any barrier and sat feet from where the monster truck known as “Big Show” was crushing a pair of old cars

gferg edgeg says:

As a Mexican and watching this on the news they say that the driver was drunk, but i dont think so, it looks like the engine failed and got stuck on full throttle.

trilogyfilm says:

you clearly didnt read the comment before posting

bendies57 says:

He was fucken hammer!!

ricardo nevarez says:

1 proteccion civil debe de regular estos eventos tomar en cuenta como proteccion a los espectadores como proteccion para el mismo conductros con todo los cuerpos de emergencia como comberos ambulancias paramedicos y medicos y que este se lleve acabo en un lugar seguro con las protecciones como barreras de contencion ETC, por mi lado no vi las barreras de proteccion
2 los organizadores si no tienen estos beneficios no deben de hacer esta clase de eventos gratis o pagados para los espectadores

ricardo nevarez says:

3 si en mexico no estan adaptados en ningun lugar para este tipo de eventos mejor no hacerlso hasta que se cuetne con la infrestuctura como un estadio seguro para los eventos de este tipo
4 parte y al final desgraciadametne es para los espectadores, el peligro es latente se ve, almenos no pondria en peligro de lelvar ami familia a esto si no hay las protecciones necesarias para el evento que lastima sucedio esto pero la negligencia es de todos pero empezando por el gobierno ( rprotecion civil

shananagans5 says:

This is in Mexico. Pretty much anything goes there. Notice there are no walls or anything. They just set the show up in a field.

rougewars225 says:

the guy driving got KO’d and he lost control.

shawndude316 says:

That’s sad, like a lot of people said on here, why wasn’t there proper safety precautions taken. I thought all of these monster trucks had that safety device where a safety person could hit the button on the remote and it shuts the truck down if they got out of control in situations like this

iWarfareGamingII says:

Ahora le hechas la culpa al PRI? Es un mal partido y si y todo blabla.
Pero el hecho que esas precauciones no se hayan hecho son de los organizadores del evento. No del gobierno. .____.

Elvis Presley says:

fucking Mexican shit, they deserve it! stinky wetbacks!

Ek Kalan says:

FUCK USA!!! not engage more in the affairs of other countries and continue entertaining watching as they are killing each other in your wonderful nation

lastlink says:

Sigan votando por el PRI

BishopAdamair says:

The driver successfully lubed the chassis.

lovehorrordotde says:

I read somewhere that the driver was drunken

DXfan4ever100 says:

He was drunk poor driver my ass

Hlor88 says:

looks like truck failure.. poor driver..

scarabmango says:

Well, at least we probably didn’t lose any brain surgeons or rocket scientists…

Paris Alejandro Mares says:

How is it possible? In USA this kind of shows are achieved in stadiums…how is it possible? And as usual, no one is responsible…People are responsible because hiring as “human barriers” ………uncredible¡¡¡

srobbo1978 says:

I hope this wont effect future screenings of speedy gonzales… God i love that mouse!

SeanBusmc says:

Thats because youre an insane person

SeanBusmc says:

You would be wrong, How stupid does a people have to be?

Taylor Lamont says:

Holy fuck

SeanBusmc says:

Looks like a dry run on the border, Stupid Beaners

vVTopPedigreeVv says:

Sad, but this is what happens when you have an unregulated event


Organizers must be punished. Because spectators can’t be expected to have enough common sense to recognize the danger but organizers can. Spoken like a true leftist big-government controllist…

AfroJesus777 says:

Dear Mexico, people do not make for very good monster truck barriers.

Eduardo Valdez says:

asi nos jugamos la vida los mexicanos mi chavo, con tanta seguridad en los paises primer mundistas ya no se disfruta nada

George Jefferson says:


Jimmy Rustler says:


pbbeachbum09 says:

How tragic. Thats why we put walls around the stadiums to prevent that from happening. Safety has no place in government in a 3rd world country unfortunately.

mailxak2012 says:

За рулем наверняка сидела тупая пизда которая перепутала педали))

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