MSPCA Cares for Two Legged Chihuahua Puppies

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MSPCA Cares for Chihuahua Puppies Born without Front Legs: Open admission adoption centers never turn away an animal in need Three 10-week-old Chihuahuas bor…


Eve Helena Green says:

I would take these puppies home with me if I could. I know no one would
love them than more than me. ): 

Isabella Kim says:

OMG! I want them ALL!!!!!!

Eric Millan says:

I have an exactly puppy like the chocalate one it is so sad seing those

Nicole Wright says:

Those chihuahuas are absolute gorgeous ! Words can’t describe how happy I
am to see people like you care for the disabled animals in need

kaylee loves says:

Aww the brown one looks like mine . God bless them

Laura Pence says:

OMG. They are so cute.

Eve Helena Green says:

They are like little people ): it breaks my heart

Olivia Borocio says:

aww poor things

PAULYBOY78able says:

Aaaaaaaw bless em al take all three of em please there too cute !!

enthusiasticompanion says:

They are cute but poor. Wish they learn to balance more with back legs and
have a happy ending of life!

munkeedragon says:

whatta buncha cuties!!! i would’ve luvd to adopt ‘em! hope they all found
wonderful luving homes

shiboof says:

But all those people wanting teacup this and that…..morons, anything for
a buck. The pups are adorable.

Garage One Pro says:

Oh goood, I was afraid Mike Lukens going to make the wheeled contraption,
josie :D

MetalHeadHeather says:

OMFG I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee Miller says:

Oh my gyaaaash!!! THEY HOP!!!

vinicius a says:

coisa linda *-*

Fernando Lopez says:

pobre :(

Orange Chicken says:

@hollyann676 they’re born without them.. -.-

thatbloodywanker says:

AWWWWW I melted! :)

Sollux Captor says:

@SayyWakka so true…..

Diviculus says:

I’m almost 100% positive the 4 “dislikes” have no soul.

Flower Power says:

are these puppies already taken?

mrshello210 says:

Whaaa So Sad ;<


little cute baby t rexes! SO CUTE (deep voice)

browniekio says:

Awww, I love Chihuahuas, and animals in general, hopefully they found their
forever homes & are still together <3

Brayden Daniels says:

there like a wee lil bunny

1999spyro says:


melany lopez says:

fantastic dog i love

MrFatman04 says:

we didnt know anybody else had a chihuahua like ours a couple of weeks ago
meand my wife rescued a chiuahua puppy with no front legs thye dont even
know there diff

Selina Zou says:

How come they only have 2 legs

cassylove1317 says:

Thats so sad i just makes me want to cry :(

AE1186 says:

It’s amazing how well dogs can adapt to only having two legs. So adorable :)

WhamHamBam says:


Selina Zou says:

U know they act like kangaroos

olivera182 says:

Awwww, I think my heart just melted from epicly cute overload.

ThePuppylogist says:

That is horribly sad. :[ Im really unhappy they are 2 legged. Until now I
only saw 3 legged and more. I never seen a dog with 2 legs. Those Chwiwis
are cute as a ribbon. I hope they can grow as old as other dogs.

mz40oz says:

Man they where bouncing around having a good old time :) cute!! Heart felt

eagleboy5781 says:

they amaze me with there jumping

John Platt says:

What a wonderful job the MSPCA is doing in looking after and finding
loving,caring families & homes for these animals keep up the good work.

Rusty OldCoins says:

That’s what you get for inbreeding ‘pedigree’ dogs. You know the Nazi’s
thought there was one ‘pure breed’ too!

dotingdoll says:

They are the most cutest loving little chihuahuas ive seen, I have 7
chihuahuas , I love them all, and would never dream of turning any away,
interbreeding is wrong, my dogs have all been done and my bitches are
ready, One of my bitces had a litter, but I kept 2 pups the other 2 friends
had, so I know where they are and see them, These dogs are delicate, but
like any animal need love and attention, Id be happy to take on any of your
little dogs xx keep up the good work xx

Ceri Williams says:

aww bless they look like happy little chis x x

StretchDouche says:

@xtcarnage15586 No, cause the guy supports animal abuse.

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