Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

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SA Wardega says:

Thanks for watching this video. I am very very happy – it hit 2 mln
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Chica (dog) is ready for second part!
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SA Wardega says:

Chica ma swój fanpage! Z pewnością jeszcze kiedyś zapoluje na mieście bo
ciągle jest głodna!

SA Wardega says:

Ladies and Gentlemen … Thanks! Really thank you for this amazing
fairytale moments. Me and my dog are very very happy to see 33 mln views. I
was dreaming to get 10 mln views in 1 week… but you gave me 33mln in less
than 3 days. Thank you for subscribe to my channel… i will do my best and
i will make more videos to make you laugh and make you happy. Thank you!
You are Awesome! You are my friends!!! Yeyeyey!
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SA Wardega says:

Chica the DogSpider has a fanpage!
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SA Wardega says:

Wow….. 62 mln views? Really guys? Thaaaaaaaaaank you so much! Do you want
second part of Spider Dog?
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SA Wardega says:

Chica is very very happy! She prepare a special photo for you :*

Serin Edger says:

That is a real good way to get your dog shot. Seriously, do people think
about the pranks they do these days? All it takes is to run into the wrong
person and you have a dead dog.

Емельян. Сидоров says:

Вот это действительно качественный розыгрыш …

Steven L says:

You’re lucky you didn’t try this shit on me. I carry a revolver and if I
was on that situation, I would have shot that dog right there and then.
This prank isn’t funny, who wouldn’t take action if a animal is charging at
them? It’s only a matter of time before someone puts that dog in his place.

FallingStar7777 says:

Mutant Giant Spider Dog prank. This one is VERY viral, but it never gets

Veronica Belmont says:

I’m crying I’m laughing so hard… this is actually pretty creepy! And
hilarious, if you know the truth.

fsoln says:

Поляки-молодцы :) Привет из Украины!

賴世英 says:


Salomé Marián says:

Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega):

Al Thraushtins says:

Best prank ever? I think so.

Christelle Delhoye says:

Hahahahahahahaha excellent ! Un chien déguisé en araignée géante sème la
panique ! #CaméraCachée #CacaMou 

Melissa Briant says:

Mud butt youre a fucking idiot. We all know its fake.

Ana Guevara says:

que bello casi muero de risa jajajajaj yo kiero ese disfras para mi perro

Ðαяк ιηтєяηєт Ƨριяιт says:

I came here thinking the mutant spider dog was real

iNSAN SA says:

Hhhhhhhhhh .. So funny at 3:08


K Mello k te corretee
Una tarántulaperro

soulreaperichig0 says:

This is animal abuse. According to PETA.”Dressing dogs in pseudo-human
clothing not only ridicules and makes a spectacle of them but treats them
as a fashion accessory rather than a living animal.”
Please report this video and lets hope YouTube does the right thing and
takes it down.

matthias gast says:

This dog needs to be everywhere! So scary 

Hedda Andersen says:

Where did you buy the custome? OMG, so funny! HAHHA

Zuzaa59 says:

☆ Zapraszam do subskrybowania mojego kanału. Gry według dziewczyny . Ü ☆

☆Dużo parkourow i mini gier ☆ 

DARIUSZ S. says:

ten wardega to idiota filmy dla gimbusow i aby nalapac subskrycji ,glupich
nie sieja sami sie rodza ! 

John Jason Chun says:

If I watch this every day, I’LL BE LAUGHING ALL DAY!

Nolan Gleason says:

the sound is hilarious. Sounds like the sound from predator. HAHAHA

Geke Hop-Wassink says:

Amazing joke, watch………

mitchell strong says:

The last scene is hilarious 

kim6927 says:


kayinli1973 says:

Is this real?

KvalnirFox says:

Looks to be fake to me.. After seeing those plastic human part toys wrapped
in white rope who would get scared of a dog in a spider suit?

Andrew McQuaide says:

This is completely staged – how did they know passerby would be there? How
did they get the security cam footage? How did they not get arrested for
setting up traps and fake body parts hanging everywhere? These are actors,
its extremely hard to believe this is truly canid, especially the guy
“running into the spider web”

kelciane carvalho says:

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mt bom.. Ninguém percebe q eh um cachorrinho…
Q susto….

じもじ says:


Mr Grizzly Tales says:

Why would any one be walking at night in America? What a stupid thing to do

Kappa GG says:

Im reporting this video, this is a very cruel thing to do against a dog.

Gerry Ninjaman says:

666 k likes,something is telling me

Federico Bruschi says:

Troppo bello
Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega):

Bronwyn Whyte says:

Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega):

Noobs DeSroobs says:

I would love to be the “victim” of this.

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