Nic and Pancho – Chihuahua and Roomba

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Written and directed by Nic Bello – Chihuahua Pancho had an accident with cleaning robot Roomba. We are Nic and Pancho, the man and the chih…


vidgirl4444 says:

OMG that was TOOO FUNNY! more vid please! 

Diana Bravo says:

That Pancho is so intelligent! And a great housekeeper too! :-) 

Ilaria Vaccaro says:


MsHannibal78 says:

Aahahha favoloso!!! Granitico Pancho!!!

Cinzia Pertile says:

Nooo…siete uno spasso. Mi fate troppo ridere!!!

Nic and Pancho says:
Carlos Hermano says:
melina cookie says:

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