Northwestern Garter Snake Giving birth 2010

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Garter snakes do not lay eggs. Like many other snakes including boas, they are ovoviviparous. Ovoviviparity, ovovivipary, or ovivipary, is a mode of reproduc…


mm mp says:

i dont know but i have fear in snakes wether they r in a glass or bullet
proof box i just cant stand being near them really noway!! i will probably
colapse if im inch near their box hahahahaha!!

kelly sun says:

first time seen a snake giving birth, not laying eggs :O ~! and this snake
is beautiful :D 

Art Media says:

Have you ever had to assist one of your snakes giving birth? (I’m only
asking because I had to do it with my snake, and it was hard).

Lisa Powers says:

Technically gartersnakes are one of the few viviparous snakes.

Zinervawyrm says:

No, only mammals really breastfeed. A new born snake would already have
the ability to hunt and capture pray on it’s own and would swallow prey
whole. Baby snakes may eat very small frogs and toads or insects and other

_quindalin_ says:

Snakes are not mammals. Mammals feed their young milk that they produce and
they take care of them until they are independent. But with snakes, once
they are born they are totally on their own. The mother leaves them and
they go their own ways. They already know how to survive by their selves.
They dont need their mother teaching them how to hunt like bears do. Yes, I
know the snake gave live birth. Not all snakes lay eggs. Garter snakes and
northern water snakes for example, give live birth (other snakes too.:)).
And pythons along with other snakes lay eggs.:)

Diablo's kitten says:

did that little one you poked at earlier make it? :( 

Syafik Yahya says:

is it mammals or reptiles?

greek4r4s says:

oooooow so some snakes dont lay eggs really intresting :) i learned
something today

Valerie Kavenaght says:

Cooool way to go mom

Chivalry Dark says:

o fuck the first kind of snake is viviparous

Karen Morris says:

Eeeeewwww but cute:)

Gabriel ClashofClans says:

this was made on my birthday

chris yost says:

Awwww i love snakes it so cute

erica korce says:

Love to see someone have love and respect for snakes! Good job, for doing
what you have done for so many years! I’ve learned a few things! Awesome!

kiaya marie copeland says:


Aaron DooMX says:

that snake is pretty … ^-^

Science Axis says:

Is it mammal that directly giving birth to their baby?

J Dk says:

How many babies did she have ? Why do you need to spray water ?

gbC4mpos says:

Hi, I could really use your advice. I recently found a tiny baby garter in
my garage. It’s getting colder where I lived so I’ve decided to care for
it. I’m very excited to take care of and own the snake as a pet.

It seems to be VERY young and I’m looking for suggestions on how to feed
it. It’s been 2 days and it hasn’t eaten the cut up worms I’ve tried giving
it. I don’t know whether it’s just not hungry or what, but I’d very much
appreciate any guidance from a snake pro like you. Thank you very much!

Jose Hurt Avalos says:

Even though I often get the urge to consume snake, I always found them
beautiful no matter what others said. These things are very cute.

Kyrese Reliford says:

That snake has some cool pattern

Ciel Laver says:

Never seen a snake give birth without the snake being in a egg

DVFDrinkOrDie says:

All grown up like their mother.

BlKpTtRsN16 says:

Did you have the babies in an incubator? or are they fine as soon as they
came out?

DVFDrinkOrDie says:

It’s supposed to be cool for the birth. Mom always seeks out a cool place
for the birth. It reduces the babies oxygen demand. That’s important
because once the eggs detach from mom’s blood supply there’s a period of
time between that and breaking out of the membrane when they can’t breathe
and mom can’t provide gas exchange. if it’s too warm they could suffocate
before they get out and breathe. Sometimes they do anyway and u get still

DVFDrinkOrDie says:

Takes just minutes once the first one comes out. They don’t appear to be in
any discomfort

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