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Chihuahua Addestramento [...]
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36 day old puppy playing with his mother. The other pomeranian that walks by is the father. [...]
The holidays are here and no one is more excited than these loveable Pound Puppies! But can the gang — Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt and Mr. [...]
Magpie Singing - imitating Barking dog, Siren and other birds [...]
Chihuahua SL presents 6 cute long-haired chihuahuas - Dixie, Augusto, Mathilda, Ziara, Pinci and Carlos - showing adorable tricks and agility they have learned. \r\rChihuahua Sõprade Liit (The Union [...]
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Teacup Travels.s02e11.Whistle [...]
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