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A bottlenose dolphin at Brookfield zoo in Illinois gives birth to a dolphin calf, weighing 40 pounds. The three-foot mammal was delivered to the 26-year-old ... [...]
Like this puppy? Thumbs up above and Subscribe: There's more puppies where this came from: Want great dog training tips? Lola,... [...] Chihuahua Puppies : 3 Month Chihuahua Puppies Dogs Playing At The Shelter | Adopt A dog ID : A4774753 , A4774754 , A4774755 Tags: chihuahua chihuahua ... [...]
Pedigree chihuahua puppies for sale, video at 1 month old ***Nokia N8 HD*** [...]
The clicking sound you here is the training tool called a "cricket" which helps to reinforce positive behavior. Sammy is a one & a half year old rescue puppy... [...]
A Chihuahua is now in an animal rescue shelter after the poor animal was thrown against the window of a Starbucks store in Texas. Starbucks manager Jasmine Hyder said Larry McHale, 47, was... [...]
Check out this collection of funny Chihuahua clothes and outfits. Have you ever seen a Chihuahua dressed up like Santa? For more clips and pics, visit http:/... [...]
Charley, my 4 month old chihuahua puppy, apparently hates masks. My 5yr old daughter was playing around with one of the Halloween masks from last year. The p... [...]
I counted 33 360° spins. He loves to go for a drive. For licensing/usage please contact: [...]
Luna, my Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua mix, is running around the backyard and barking! Luna barks at certain things, especially when she is outside and c... [...]