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There's only one thing more relaxing than having high quality dog voice recordings barking at you. And that multiple hours of the same. Angry dogs barking and being just angry. Thanks to... [...]
Un virtuoso chihuahua muestra sus habilidades para bailar flamenco. [...]
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Cute Chihuahua dog dancing Flamenco, soooo cute and he is dancing professionally. [...]
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CHILEAN Chihuahua named RAMBO, dancing WAKA WAKA highly motivated... Mi facebook: From Chile.....for the world.. [...]
Elmo the Dog is a Chihuahua and a Staffy mix. He is also a little greedy... That little cuteness steals sausages from two other big dogs. [...]
A 9-year-old gives birth in Mexico. In a shocking report, a nine-year-old girl has recently given birth, via C-section in Mexico. The female's daughter was b... [...]
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