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Watch this extremely video you can't stop laughing.An awesome prank by those students. [...]
MSPCA Cares for Chihuahua Puppies Born without Front Legs: Open admission adoption centers never turn away an animal in need Three 10-week-old Chihuahuas bor... [...]
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These two are always at it. They play too much. Its so cute. [...]
our chihuahua dog having her first puppies. [...]
Here is a little video I took of 2 chihuahua's, a pitbull, and bloodhound / rottweiler, mix singing together in a Dog Choir. [...]
Funny Barking Dogs Videos - Check out these funny videos of funny dogs and funny barking puppies. It has some funny dog fails and wins and other videos. So enjoy this compilation. Try not to laugh Fu [...]
Oh My God .... !!! All puppies was born She gave us 5 puppies ( 3 male and 2 female ) All puppies was so cute and healthy... Thanks God. [...] Video chihuahua Criadero de cachorros chihuahuas minis y estandar. Cachorro chihuahua con garantía escrita sanitaria. Vendemos a toda España y Exterior. I [...]
Funny Chihuahua noises from Gizmo. [...]