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くーはセミが怖いらしい。セミを見せると怖がるくーの表情がかわいくて、意地悪とわかっちゃいるけどやめられない飼い主でした。くーゴメンネw. [...]
Pieski z hodowli Beatus-Canes Shih Tzu (Durka): Wiek: 13 miesięcy, waga: 5,3 kg Chihuahua (Dosia}: Wiek: 10 tygodni, waga: 0,65 kg. [...]
Unser A-Wurf mit 5 Wochen ... Enjoy it!!! Chihuahuas of RoyalContinentals Die Hundezucht der besonderen Art! [...] [...]
Irlande, née le 21 septembre 2013. Chihuahua poil court, Actuellement âgée de 5 mois. Inscrite au LOF et garantie à la confirmation. Garantie de conformité de 12 mois. Très sociable, joyeuse, av [...]
Les bébés de Galice et Eros. Alors qu'elle vient d'avoir 2 semaines et les yeux à peine ouverts, la petite Idyl du Moulin aux merles décide de jouer les exploratrices alors que son frère et ses [...]
Nicest Chihuahua I've ever met. Usually they just yap at you. And I can't believe I just spelled Chihuahua right on the first guess....this being an English teacher thing is starting to rub off on me. [...]
When the Fasteners inherit an old family vacation home, they soon realize it's being haunted by their ancestors dog, Sophie. Homer, their golden retriever, b... [...]
All dogs are natural swimmers but since chihuahua's have tiny arms and feet, they're not as adept in the water as labradors. This is my pet dog's first time ... [...]