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It's Christmas Holiday at my school and I thought I'd upload this now so enjoy cuteness! :) [...]
Es nuestra hija cassie es lok. [...]
This is what my little 4lb miniature chihuahua does when she wants to go outside! haha i love it it! My little Lucky Ducky makes me smile every time! We foun... [...]
My girlfriends chihuahua puppy barking at the fire SO CUTE!! CLICK HERE FOR EXPERT VIDEOS ON HOW TO STOP DOG BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS, [...]
Britney Spears and her basic boyfriend are getting serious. How do we know? Because they are shopping for a puppy together.  [...]
Vibrating chihuahua dressed up like a Christmas elf (in HD), thanks Joe. Listen to the bells. I'm sorry for this one. I should have never let her dress him u... [...]
Barnes and Noble are best selling tails! This sweet little duo has stuck together through thick and thin. Barnes and Noble, 5-year-old teacup Chihuahuas, wer... [...]
My 4 pound chihuahua, Hannibal Lecter showing off for the camera. [...]
Josie, our Chihuahua dancing for her treats in her Christmas dress 12-10-2012. [...]
my beautiful chihuahua x poodle puppies just being adorable. there are 2 boys and a girl, the boys are the black and the tan, the girl is the chocolate/brown... [...]