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My Apple-Head Chihuahua. [...] Tragedy: Mexico Monster truck loses control and crashes into crowd, Mexico Monster truck Crush accident Raw Footage. Mexico Monst... [...]
No había barreras de protección ni protocolo de seguridad en espectáculo 'monster truck. Este video fue grabado por un amigo que estaba a un costado de los m... [...] beagle bichon maltes bulldog frances ingles bullterrier caniche carlino chihuahua chow chow husky siberiano jack rusell labr... [...]
tinker so cute barking and sitting uo for a long time. [...]
Just a cute video of my boyfriend playing with Avery :) [...]
Chihuahua in sink getting his bath. [...]
Luna the chihuahua! She is about 8 months old and about 5 lbs. Her mom was a miniature chihuahua and her dad was a teacup chihuahua. She is a very sweet dog.... [...]
Photo's of my little Dog with the big personality Peanut. [...]