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Sondra, an attractive weight loss doctor in her 30's, looks down on people she feels are not at her level. She especially dislikes Jeanie, the medical office receptionist. Jeanie, a heavyset single mo [...]
Abby is fostering another puppy and she's tiny! Ruby and Fiona are not really sure what to do with her. [...]
This is my chihuahua telling me about his day. He speaks very well, for a dog. He does this every evening before he goes to bed. Paco is the voice of Momo th... [...] [...]
Dogs with strange obsessions, from shadows and shiny surfaces to anything with wheels are Cesar's challenges tonight. [...]
Extra Mini Chihuahua Extreme small and sexy Cinema star filmed with iPhone 4s von Apple. Princes Ballerina a la Hollywood Süßer Hund kleinste Hund der Welt.P... [...]
I'm just playing with my dog, lol. [...]
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