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In this funny, chihuahua video a little guy claims his toy and is determined to keep it. It's an awesome dog clip from the AFV vaults. SUBSCRIBE for more fun... [...]
Really daft dogs hahaha. Bandit the Staffordshire bull terrier playing with Daisy & Lily the chihuahua's. Little n large! funny at 1:15 when Daisy the pup po... [...]
Awesome Pitbull dog vs Chihuahua puppy .......Cute Pitbull puppies .... Most Funny Chihuahua. [...]
S&D Euro MPs Monday backed an EU proposal to fit motorbikes over 50cc with anti-lock brakes (ABS) in order to save the lives of hundreds of riders every year. [...]
Wouda' Records and Spinnin' TV presents: Rune RK feat. Andreas Moe - Power Of You And Me (Teacup) (Sebastien Drums Remix). Future release on Spinnin' Records, available on February 25. [...]
Teacup pigs are so cute you can adopt one at [...]
My brother Desmond having fun with the family dog :) doosh doosh dish doosh d-doosh dish... [...]
Our mini Jack Russell playing with her new toy.... [...]
Teacup chihuahua Snuggles and miniature chihuahua playing. [...]