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Please do not use my stuff without my permission. Thank you. BREAKING NEWS!!! MOTHER CHIHUAHUA GIVES BIRTH TO 5 CHIHUAHUA PUPS! WATCH TO FIND OUT DETAILS! WH... [...]
REMASTERED 10/01/2011 Follow me on Twitter or Facebook email: A remix for my step daughter..;=)Adele - Someone Like You (LuGo Remix) Disclaimer: Th [...]
When will the damn thing stop barking? Why do they leave it on the balcony all night and day without anything to eat or drink? If they don't intend to care for the poor thing, WHY THE FUCK do they eve [...] - Dog barking is a pretty normal behavior, but you can very well control this for a more peaceful home. [...]
You can watch Funny Puppies The Dancing Flamenco Chihuahua Dog Funny Puppy Chihuahua Does Flamenco Dance videos from my channel address. 2 Cute Dancing Puppi... [...]
TEACH YOUR DOG!: dancing chihuahua salsa Chihuahua Dancing shoulda been born a chihuahua Salsa dog rolling in stinky stuff Dog+Chihuahua+D... [...]
The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors... [...]
Soubi barks once for one of the first times out of frustration of his toy being kept from him. (near the very end) For pictures, updates and more on this ado... [...]
My hairless chihuahua barking & playing with us. He was born on dec 4th 2010. [...] Chihuahua Dogs... Subscribe to my channel; Videos of Traveling, Interviews, Food, Places, Tutorials English & Spanish, Teachi... [...]
Is she trying to talk or bark? [...]