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5 week old chihuahua x jack russell puppies playing with brothers sisters, mum and dad. [...]
Chihuahua puppies being born. May be graphic for small children. Two males and one females. Cute little Chihuahua puppies. Visit web site for details http://... [...]
chiots chihuahua nées le 08/06/14 [...]
15 Days old chihuahua puppies 肥妹ZZZZzzzzNeed new clothes ? [...]
First puppy cam out breached, which took a lot out of Lilly, She was exhausted after all was said and done.... [...]
My teacup poodleNeed new clothes ? [...]
Maisy normally doesn't bark. The only time she barks is when she sees a stranger or hears noises... [...]
S&D Euro MPs Monday backed an EU proposal to fit motorbikes over 50cc with anti-lock brakes (ABS) in order to save the lives of hundreds of riders every year. [...]
our pet chihuahua Minnie self whelping her first puppy from her first litter Black Magic aka Milla. [...]