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An adorable chihuahua puppy barks and plays some drums for the first time! How cute is that? [...]
This is from the first night we brought Chewy home. He caught a view of himself as he was walking passed the mirror and this came of it. He was 9 weeks old a... [...]
My little chihuahua was growling for 10 minutes. [...]
Behind the scenes video to record various entertainment-trained dogs for their barks for film/tv. By Rob Nokes of [...]
Chihuahua puppy barking willing to get onto my bed! :) [...]
TinkerMouse going nuts because I'm scratching the side of her bed. [...]
this is nacho and he doesn't like people walking past the front of the house. [...]
14-year-old chihuahua barking at me eating and starting to chase pretend ducks. [...]
She Heard People Outside And Started Barking So I Filmed It Haha. [...]
Our Chihuahua puppy,Jackie Chan,barking at the neighbors. [...]