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Educational animal breeding and mating youtube video channel. See videos for how all different big and small animals mate. Funny videos and compilations of z... [...]
Black chihuahua barking so cute, adorable, fiesty and sweet. Black IS beautiful!Malcolmb is barking at his brother, he is a chihuahua brat. Black is back...a... [...]
Two bored parents home with sick kids. [...]
This Guppy give 25 births in one time only 3 fries survive.Actully Guppies makes eggs that hutch inside the Guppy and it delevers when eggs allready hutched inside the fish.It looks like a normal fish [...]
baby elephant is coming to the world [...]
Tater Tot the Chihuahua opens his Christmas present from our nextdoor neighbor. Its a big box of gourmet doggie treats! [...]
Conseils pour la protection contre le froid des chihuahuas et des petites races de chiens par un éleveur et un vétérinaire, Dr. David Pelois, Clinique Vétéri... [...]
My Munchkin puppy playing with me in the garden at 8 weeks old. He is too beautiful for words! [...]
goddamn scary dog! [...]