Recently Added Videos Get ready for a wonderful magical adventure. Take up the mantle of Storm and guide him in his magical teacup through a dreamlike landscape created by the vivid imagination of his [...]
tanner having her 2 puppies. One boy we named TJ for Taylor Jr. and I named the girl Jasmine. [...]
The sec pup num 2# is born x~tiny tcup Chihuahua its a girl only 3oz. [...]
Coby (Chihuahua) right after giving birth (cesarean section) at the veterinarian's office, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The puppies are getting their first milk. [...]
The first puppy was born, he was very cute and ...amazing ! I can't waiting for looking the second puppy and more Puppies born a live and struggle to breath ... [...]
Chihuahua Puppies being Born. Come watch these puppies at birth.Chihuahua giving birth. [...]
We couldn't catch the first two puppies on camera but was able to catch the last three. [...]
Not exactly the cat's meow. [...] - The Barking Lot has set the WORLD RECORD for washing the most adoptable dogs in 1 hour. Here's the skinny: On Saturday, August 4th three of our volunteers - Ashley, Chr [...]
Deer chihuahua through her 9 weeks of pregnancy, first birth, and first week with her three baby boys. [...]
Chihuahua giving birth to baby. [...]