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Little Cricket had a very smooth delivery with her 2 new baby girls , mom & babies doing wonderful . I know you may think .. Gosh she is a bit rough , you ha... [...]
This is a video of my Chihuahua Butch being so patient while I get him to say I love you o many times I had to shrten the video. I accidentally dropped the c... [...]
This is my little Cookie. She is two months old and has tons of energy! [...]
A video for my very 1st subscriber by request... Bookhouseboy77 [...]
Amy Westerman has owned Princess the chihuahua for eight years and in that time Princess has always been the boss of the house. So when Oso, a Giant Alaskan Malamute, arrived as a puppy three years ag [...]
I wonder how much the premium is to add a Chihuahua driver to your insurance policy? Anyone know? [...]
It's videos like this that just make you smile. Watch more videos here Facebook page [...]
It name is Katyona. Our puppy is finally big enough to bathe in the tub and she doesn't seem too fond of the idea. . . . . . puppy chihuahua dog dogs puppies... [...]
Flamenco Chihuahua - The Dancing Chihuahua Dog Does Latin Flamenco Dance - Funny Puppy Dancing Chihuahua Puppy Dog Loves to Dance to Latin Music. Hottest Chi... [...]
My little chihuahua driving robotic vacuum Roomba )) She's really like that thing ))) this is a Part #1 ;) Enjoy another fresh & funny video with my doggy: h... [...]