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les dejo aqui el video en HD para los que no lo puedan reproducir aqui, una disculpa por la molestia..... [...]
My friends Jack Russell Chihuahua cross play fighting with her Chihuahua. So hilarious and cute. They do this everyday. [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
Chihuahua dog and getting in trouble at the pet store. I went to the pet food store... they have 2 adorable doggies. i made my purchse at the dog store and l... [...]
Anuncio de cocacola con la cancioncita de aquel verano "¡Chihuaha!" [...]
Charity has a new wheelchair and a new home in Seattle, Washington with a fabulous adopter named Cinnamon. Thank you everyone for your support! From, Jon and... [...]
New Maywa Denki toy - Chihuahua whistle. Novumichi Tosa plays this Cute Chihuahua. Original: [...]