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Our miniature chihuahua attacking the windshield wipers from the inside of the truck :D. [...]
My dog Chiwi the Miniature Chihuahua running on a treadmill. I just put him on there to see what he would do..and this is the result ; ) Mmkay i hope you lik... [...]
CHIHUAHUA HUGS HIS TEDDY BEAR Click link to Subscribe: Tommy the Chihuahua hugs his favorite teddy bear. My cute dog Tommy is a Chihuahu... [...]
Chihuahua Puppies for sale at Chihuahua World 22nd January 2013 [...]
Police Shoot Dog The Bullock family's dog "Jack." was shot and killed by Blue Ash Ohio Police. The dog was a Chihuahua-mix named "Jack" that Scott and Sharon... [...]
Cute Chihuahua dog imitates his owner doing yoga. [...]
Miniature chihuahua. [...]
Visit out web site for the list on dogs we have in stock now: All of our puppies come with a 7 day health guarantee, they ... [...]
Miniature chihuahua (Zeke) tries to get lab (Belle) to play with him in the water! [...]
practicing some new tricks, some old. [...]
Rocky, der Chihuahua, wird von seiner Halterin wie ein richtiger Hund gehalten. Vier Beine zum Laufen und kein Püppchen für de Handtasche. Rocky zeigt GASSI ... [...]