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Her follow up sweet and funny story: Viewer discretion is advised. Amazing video of Chihuahua giving birth. This s... [...]
Sweet Pea had a great pregnancy. She was sooo big we thought she was having atleast 5 pups but towards the end of her pregnancy we brought her to the vet for... [...]
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Rob Nokes, Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Effects Recordist, recording various dog sounds. [...]
Marley sings do re mi [...]
Chihuahua doing the mate thing!!! chihuahua puppies, chihuahua short hair, chihuahua long hair, My chihuahuas doing the nasty, funny as hell. [...]
Der hat's voll drauf :D. [...]
Funny Puppies The Dancing Flamenco Chihuahua Dog Funny Puppy Chihuahua Does Flamenco Dance videolarını ve yenilerini beni takip ederek izleyebilirsiniz. Funn... [...]
Benjamin the Chihuahua is like a little kid, knows all about Christmas (never believed in Santa) and always wants his present. [...] miniature, australian, shepherd, miniature, goldendoodle, the, miniatures, page, miniature, dog, breeds, miniature, cats, miniature, go... [...]
La chronique humoristique de Guillaume Meurice dans on va tous y passer sur France Inter, l’invité était Charlotte Valendrey (12 octobre 2012) Retrouvez les chroniques de Guillaume Meurice sur www [...]