Recently Added Videos

Astrix - Experence festival open air @ Chihuahua. [...]
Chihuahua giving birth to Maltese male. [...]
This is a short video on how to bathe your small dog like a Chihuahua in a laundry/utility sink. [...]
Princess Luffey, a miniature Chihuahua is in the Villa La Paws Agility Training class at our Shea Resort. She is the smallest in stature but has a huge heart... [...]
Cute Chihuahua dog dancing Flamenco, soooo cute and he is dancing professionally. [...]
T-Bone is up on the table "protecting" a plate of chicken meant for human consumption. Naughty bad! [...]
In this funny animal compilation video, we see several different Chihuahua's doing what they do best, being cute and small. Watch More Animal Videos at: http... [...] [...]
Teacup Blue Merle Chihuahua "Blue-berry" Play fighting our Teacup Morkie Adult. Visit our site at for more cute videos and p... [...]
Came upon a stray "vicious" Chihuahua with an injured leg. So called someone to help him. The Saint with the glowing light behind his head can be found here:... [...]