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Little Nibbles was 1 lb, 2 oz in this video. She later grew up to be quite a fat dog. So, as the animal lovers will tell you, there really is no such thing a... [...]
This video shows a 3 week old chihuahua litter. The pups were taking a nap when in the distance the siren of an ambulance is heard... One of the pups, a fema... [...]
Chihuahua Puppies for sale at Chihuahua World UK in East Sussex. Call 01825 840760 or visit our website [...]
This is Silky's litter at about 6 weeks old. raises happy and healthy Chihuahua puppies from happy and healthy Chihuahua parents. W... [...]
Here is a very short video of one of our teacup chihuahua puppies playing in the grass. For more info about our puppies for sale please visit or call Lauren at (949) 923-9623 [...]
Tiny teacup chihuahuas playing in their bed. For more puppies available visit our website at We have puppies year round in all different colors. Most will be 3 pounds or less [...]
A friend of mine who is visiting brought along her cute chihuahua puppy named Bella who was just three weeks old in this video. Charlie the Cat seemed sort o... [...]
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Whenever he barks excessively I tend to just get really quiet and let him get it all out :P Seems to work over time... My puppy's growing up :) He's gotten s... [...]
Little chihuahua barking like a true watch dog. [...]