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Teacup Angel is One of a Kind! She is a Very Rare Blue Merle Longcoat Female Chihuahua Puppy. She is almost ready to come to her new home. She loves attentio... [...]
Meet Teacup Blueberry. Visit to see available puppies. She is a Rare Blue Merle Chihuahua puppy. She is super sweet and love... [...]
Here we have a miniature chihuahua and a Beagle who just can't stop stalking the Chihuahua :D. [...]
Teacup Blue Merle Chihuahua "Blue-berry" Potty Training Part # 3. More house training videos for you to enjoy. Visit for mor... [...]
Extra mini Chihuahua Ballerina angry chihuahua filmed with iPhone 4s micro chihuahua ,miniature chihuahua ,chihuahua as paris hilton Tinkerbell chihuahua. Wh... [...]
Miniature chihuahua has a little too much fun with a face we all recognize! [...]
Check out our long coat Chihuahua puppies here at or call 479-262-6855 for more information. We have lots of information abo... [...]
We are documenting a canine labor and delivery ~ some may consider aspects of this whelping video to be graphic ~ if you are squeamish about the birthing e... [...]
Learn the 4 (paws)-1-1 about Chihuahua in this video created exclusively for i Love Dogs by writer and pet trainer, expert and industry consultant Nikki Mous... [...]
World's smallest pool player. Amadeus loves to play pool. If you would like to see him in person contact his owner. [...]
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