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Beautiful and tiny! 3 pounds full grown. Champion bloodlines. Great appleheads and short noses. These are what chihuahuas are supposed to look like! Look no ... [...]
Evil tiny teacup chihuahua attacks. [...]
We’ve heard of Angry Birds, now meet angry dog. Jonathan Nemargut’s pet beagle barks every time the doorbell rings at their home in North Carolina. So Jonathan decided to record his fierce dog in [...]
These are my new puppies the black and tan one is a girl her name is Chloe and Papi is are lil boy they are brother and sis. [...]
Squishy seeing and going crazy over the windshield wipers for the first time. [...]
Was having work done in my bathroom and the mirrors were waiting for install so they were on the floor, everytime she walked by she would bark at herself....... [...]
A brush can be a scary thing to a little puppy! [...]
This tiny chihuahua thinks a german shepherd statue is a real dog. [...]
Chihuahua barking at himself in the mirror. [...]
Stormy the longcoat blue Chihuahua puppy (14 weeks old) playing with me on the bed. I love how his tiny little barks seem to surprise him. [...]