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Milly the Chihuahua has barely grown since birth but she has already earnt herself a Guinness World Record. The mini-pooch can perch in the palm of your hand... [...]
My dog Sebastian doing all the tricks we taught him. [...]
When Roxy (big black puppy) gets very curious about the kittens, Charlie, the chihuahua, gets in between and makes sure Roxy stays away from them. None of th... [...]
A four year old Chihuahua mix, Amalie, terrorizes eight year old mastiff Harley and dominates the rest of the house. [...]
Beautiful Chihuahua babies Coco and Joey are available as of right now. Very petite and unique looking babies. Visit or call... Chihuahua Tweets Reunited: Chih [...]
Stella is a Applehead Teacup Chihuahua and 10 weeks old. She is battling Lil Bea which is still a pup... and Lil Bea's mama Cocoa (seen in background). Stell... [...]
Chihuahua Gigolo Play with white Cat Maja Extra mini Chihuahua Ballerina angry chihuahua filmed with iPhone 4s micro chihuahua ,miniature chihuahua ,chihuahu... [...]
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This little video is about our Chihuahua dog Blueberry. Visit to see our available dog Chihuahua. She is taking a nap and is... [...]
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