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3 White and Brown Spots & 1 DARK Brown. [...]
La primera ves q sirvo d partera kuhajajajaja. [...]
This is amazing! She has Got Talent! The dancing chihuahua rescue puppy has great dance moves - she is a cute funny little Dancing Star. She performed and ma... [...]
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This was the first night we had our kitten mimi home, this is the beginning of a long friendship :-) [...]
chiwawa dog : The Chihuahua is considered the world's smallest dog breed in the world chiwawa dog. It is small like a golden retriever puppy is the size vari... [...]
If you love animals, Belinda is so cute, in cupid fancy dress !!!! [...]
My New Channel Subscribe and watch please: [...]
I am nothing but nice to this dog and it wants to bite my head off. The camera used is a Panasonic HMC150. If you're curious as to who I am, check out Buick ... [...]