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Come Check Out My Web-Site Click The Button That Says "SHOW MORE" Bailey had 7 puppies. One passed away. His name was "Tiny" and he was ... [...]
Sophie my chihuahua giving birth to a tiny 86 gram of a litter of 7 born on 18/04/2011...this is her second litter of 7 amazing ...she is 6lb in ... [...]
Three animals were found in front of the Terrell Animal Shelter. An abandoned Chihuahua was acting as a mother, nursing two tiny kittens. Dogs are amazing animals in many aspects. Recently, three anim [...]
The Sacramento SPCA was busy nursing Nellie, a 13 ounce tea cup Chihuahua, back to health after she was found almost dead on a Sacramento street. [...]
Check out what her puppies look like when they are older by visiting my website...!home/mainPage. [...]
Third puppy to be born from our Chihuahua. [...]
This is my chihuahua puppy, Paco. Sometimes he goes crazy, running through the house and being a goofball. He was just a puppy; about 8 months old when I mad... [...]
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funny cat The dampen cat relationship of Chihuahua Cat Disturb Dogs funny cat videos talking dog dog snoop dog ultimate dog teaser dog barking dog fights ult... [...]
copyright RockinRobinzo 2012 Youtube ~ Mackie the Boston Terrier and his brothers have a funny sing-along until someone forgets the words! LOL ~ I own full w... [...]