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Téa my little 3/4 Chihuahua cross puppy managed to escape her playpen. I couldn't figure out how she did it until I filmed her!!! [...]
Beautiful Blue Chihuahua puppies! CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OREGON Our Teacup and Toy chihuahu... [...] Chihuahua Potty Training - How to Potty Train a Chihuahua Puppy Part 1 in a series. [...]
This is my puppy Rico when he was 9 weeks old. [...] [...]
Chihuahua Puppies for sale at Chihuahua World. [...]
Chihuahua puppies play with toys. [...]
This is Lucy. She's a two pound, eight week old Chihuahua puppy and this is what I hear every time I lock her up before leaving the house. [...]
Kim Kardashian was apparently already asking if she 'looked skinnier' right after giving birth! Even we didn't expect that! [...]
See Britney Spears giving Birth...or maybe not? Have fun, send this footage to all your friends. [...]