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Wouda' Records and Spinnin' TV presents: Rune RK feat. Andreas Moe - Power Of You And Me (Teacup) (Sebastien Drums Remix). Future release on Spinnin' Records, available on February 25. [...]
Teacup pigs are so cute you can adopt one at [...]
My brother Desmond having fun with the family dog :) doosh doosh dish doosh d-doosh dish... [...]
Our mini Jack Russell playing with her new toy.... [...]
Teacup chihuahua Snuggles and miniature chihuahua playing. [...]
Baby Chihuahua kills Russell Terrier (With L♥VE & cuteness) LOL. [...] Some amazing chihuahua pictures from our Chi lovers and owners site. Checkout some of the cute Chi puppies... [...]
Household Gods Comedy: [ ], Jnanachandra Princess Moon: [ [...] Prank victims are asked by a hot blonde girl if they'll take care of her adorable little chihuahua puppy at a fresh food farmers market. Then, a little boy asks prank vic [...]
We was going to adopt this perfect chihuahua. Only bad thg was he wouldnt stay in the back, keep getting out.. He loves to talk, and we still see him from ti... [...]