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My Doggy Getting his nails cut. [...]
This is a video of my Chihuahua with hiccups, he dosen't really understand whats happening, lol. [...]
A Chihuahua and his buddy flee from the kitchen.. sort of. The brilliant original can be found here: [...]
Caring for chihuahuas can cause some unique problems because they are such small dogs. Keep the soft spot on a young chihuahua's head from being traumatized ... [...]
We bought these boots so he can play in the snow but when we put them on he refused to do anything. [...],91e42957/expose.htm Chihuahua Welpen in Raguhn Ab Ende Au... [...]
Track 04 from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 2: Mambo Fever. [...]
Embarazo parto y cachorros de chihuahua Vídeo bajo licencia CC Creative Commons Músicas: go1dfish - Alex s Rem... [...]
Die Chihuahua Bande beim Spielen im Garten. [...]