Recently Added Videos

This is chihiro she is 9 months old. I got her name from spirited away. [...]
My chihuahua barking at dubstep dancer. [...]
He barks at his self in the mirror and I was Laying in bed this morning and decided to video it Hope you like it HAHA!!!! [...]
Elevage de chihuahua poil long, possibilité de livraison à domicile, tarif des chiots sur le site internet : Tél : [...]
Chiot femelle chihuahua LOF beige reflets gris, issue d'excellentes origines. La Demoiselle est née à l'élevage le Temple des 7 Merveilles, en Haute-Vienne, Limousin 87. [...]
Chihuahua barking. [...]
Strati Alimonos Films. A very old barking Chiwawa dog barking loudly. [...]
This is Max, my toy Chihuahua, barking at a portrait of Abe Lincoln. [...]
My teacup chihuahua, Prancer wants on the bed..... he barks and jumps until he gets his way!!!! He always barks to get my attention. [...]