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This is a chihuahua taking on an 125 pound South African Boerboel Mastiff. They really are great friends! [...]
Chihuahua - Funny videos [...]
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Dans une maison, Duke un grand dogue allemand de 48 kg n'est pas rassuré en voyant un petit chihuahua de 1,5 kg. Duke va prendre peur et se réfugier sur le canapé. La première fois que Duke a vu u [...]
My chihuahua love to sing :P What d you think about it ? :D. [...]
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Top dog trainer " k9katelynn" in Scottsdale,AZ teaches chihuahua/ rat terrier mix how to... [...]
Mammals of Timor - Barking Deer, wild boar, bats and wild buffalo. The word "mammal" comes from the Latin mamma ("breast"). All female mammals nurse their young with milk which comes out from special [...]