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De pups zijn hier 4 weken oud. Vader is een Shih Tzu en moeder is een Chihuahua. [...] Prank victims are asked by a hot blonde girl if they'll take care of her adorable little chihuahua puppy at a fresh food farmer... [...]
This is our Chihuahua, Maeby when she was a puppy being playful. [...]
Our little Chihuahua loves to bark but sounds so strange when she does. [...] What beautiful chihuahuas! Check out some of the cutest chihuahuas you ever seen in this video [...]
Chihuahua pups beschikbaar Voor meer Informatie kan u steeds terecht op onze website: Met vriendelijke groeten,De Woefkesranch http://www.woefkesranch.be015/75.59.42 [...]
Our chihuahua Gnocchi dog barking at a bulb Nuestro chihuahua ladrando a una lamparita tea cup chihuahua small dog barking at a bulb light gnocchi noqui. [...]
NEW EPISODE EVERY TUESDAY Previous Video: Welcome to EFA where we throw 3 funny animal clips and have them compete... [...]
Chihuahua puppy playing football (soccer) learning to head the ball. [...]
Video of chihuahua puppy [...]
Chihuahua giving birth. [...]