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Well I'm a dick for doing this to my dug but she loves it. My step dad did this to her through the tv by turning to animal planet or national geographic. Eve... [...]
A sentire le chiacchiere idiote della padrona è incredibile che non le abbia mangiato il naso :-) [...]
How adorable is this? A chihuahua tries his best to avoid taking a bath. Doesn't have a problem going outside though! [...]
Walt Disney Pictures Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer " G " Coming out September 26, 2008 *************** Starrings : Drew Barrymore George Lopez Andy Garcia Salma Hayek Manolo Cardona [...]
Cozy giving birth to puppy #3 Lil Shuggie Bear #3 ...2 hours after first two puppies and 10 minutes later... out popped #4!! [...]
Visit Jones Chihuahuas website at This is a video of a very sad story because I lost a pup. Jewels had her pups but we lost on... [...]
Our adorable little chihuahua at about six months old. His name is Kobe and he currently weighs 3 pounds. [...]
Funny dog clip where a chihuahua wants his dog shoes off, right now! It's an America's Funniest Home Video. SUBSCRIBE: Want a chanc... [...]
This is my pet chihuahu, Tiny, he's a very lovable dog, but can be a bit crabby at times as you can see; he means no harm, he just wants to be friends! [...]
Our Chihuahua, Maeby, crying to get out of the crib. Check out our other videos of Maeby. I will be adding more soon, so check back. [...]