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Paco the chihuahua puppy is annoying our cat, Maya. She finally puts an end to it. [...]
At we specialize in breeding quality, teacup chihuahua puppies. Our puppies are so tiny and adorable that most of our customers retur... [...]
Bottle feeding 5 day old female chihuahua puppy born 08/11/2011 Check out my website [...]
my chihuahua pups. [...]
Order here: Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on Blu-ray and DVD February 1, 2011. [...]
Willie est un chien chihuahua qui comprends, comme de nombreux autres chiens, la différence entre le mot "Bain" et "Promenade" . Du coup, sa réaction est très différente lorsque son maître lui pr [...]
gallos de pelea de en trios gallinas y sementales sweater kelso,radios, giros,round head hatch patas verdes jumper patas amarillas informes en hoy 3 [...]
gallos de pelea y combate de Granja Greer enviados hoy 10 de octubre del 2013 a GUADALAJARA,JAL., CHIHUAHUA,CHIH.,CUAUHTEMOC,,ZAC.,CIENGUITAS,MICH., Y TETLA,JAL. [...]
Sweetest little Chihuahua puppies learning to play and walk at 3 weeks old. [...]
new puppy from Korea named Moca (my Abbi's BF) [...]
Visit us now @ Welcome everyone to our Chichannel Kennel. We are small breeder in Thailand. Here we'd like to introduce yo... [...]