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Balacera entre Sicarios y Policías en Chihuahua. [...]
Balacera entre Grupos Armados rivales en San Juanito, Chihuahua. [...]
TRES PRECIOSOS CACHORROS!. Cesárea de la Chihuahua Tiara realizada el 5 de Diciembre de 2012, en Hospital Veterinario Los Tarahales de Las Palmas de Gran Ca... [...]
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Adorable! Chihuahua puppy being trained. She now knows "Sit", "Sit-up", "lay down", "Crawl", "Roll-Over", "Play Dead". [...]
LONG HAIRED CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OREGON Our Teacup and Toy chihuahuas come in wonderful colors: blue, chocolate, black, brindle, tan, white, lavende... [...]
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Christmas Song! A cute puppy dog Chihuahua sings one of her favorite Christmas Songs: Deck The Halls! Feliz Navidad! Happy Holidays! Sing along to this Chris... [...]
Avant première du Chihuahua de Beverly Hills sur les Champs-Elysées. 100 chihuahuas remontent l'avenue pour assister à une séance privée au cinéma de Publicis. [...]