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Halle Berry will return to work as "soon as possible" after giving birth. That's a good thing, because we'd hate to see her fall off the radar! [...]
Dr Greg Shows What a "Shaker" puppy looks like. [...]
Morgana y Napoleón han llegado para quedarse! ☆ ¡No olvides darle a "ME GUSTA", comentar, suscribirte y compartirlo allá donde vayas!. Me ayudarás a seguir ... [...]
Please make sure to watch the video until the end, and then please be the voice for these animals, and share the video on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and email... [...]
Doing a pet tag for my teacup chihuahua Calypso *Pet Tag* 1. What is your pets name? 2. What kind of pet is it and what breed? 3. How long have you had your ... [...]
Funny cute mini-movie about a toy played by micro dwarf chihuahua, Spanky, who wants to become a real dog. Tormented by funny Jamaican chihuahua and saved by... [...]
Itty Bitty Micro TINY Midge. Super TINY pocket chihuahua from She is available and ready to come home! *Midge is the tiniest in the... [...]
Publisher DK Books printed a 1-inch version of its latest Lego book celebrating the 35th anniversary of the iconic Lego minifigure, just big enough for an actual Lego minifigure. Jen Markham explains [...]
A chihuahua appears to be doing the downward dog, the cobra, and other yoga poses perfectly in sync with its Italian owner in this video. [...]
Héra bientôt dans les bras de Morphée :-) [...]
Our Chihuahua Brutus sings to Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song. [...]