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An unpleasant video for sure, but I was testing the macro on my Kodak Zi8 (which I love and never leave the house without) .. and it just sort of happened. E... [...]
See Kim Kardashian lounging in a bikini - just days before she welcomed her baby girl. [...]
Jessica Simpson is seen the first time since giving birth to baby Ace as she runs errands in a tie-dyed dress in Beverly Hills. [...]
My first ever Upload! My #4 LH Chihuahua female has a c-section cuz a pup is sideways! The male is my Chinese Crested Hairless #3.5. Im a proud mama! Its a c... [...]
3 pound Chihuahua whelping 2 Tea Cup Puppies. [...]
This is a video of a Chihuahua having a puppy. Her AKC registered name is Dallas Rose but I call her Rosy for short. She was born April 5, 2003. She had the ... [...]
Visit our web site to learn more about Jones Chihuahuas and our Long & Short Coat Chihuahuas at [...]
Our chihuahua Zoey giving birth to puppies Here is the puppy all grown up :) [...]
42-year-old Gerardo Daniel Reyna reportedly brought his small dog, a Chihuahua, along with him during a theft at a restaurant. Surveillance footage captured Reyna stealing money from a jukebox with hi [...]