Paper Mache Chihuahua, Adding the Paper Mache

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Close This is the second step of making a little paper mache Chihuahua, based on the wire armature I made last week. Since Valen…


Talbot S. says:

Am I the only one who tried to read the words on the news print. ha. 

Alex M says:

Your are so awesome 


Hey Joni does flour and water stick without any PVA glue?Cheers.

Tammy S says:

Gotta say Jonni your awesome…I had a nice chuckle about the reference to
Dan’s dipping rules. He is great too and definitely has a sense of
humor..I think your both great teachers and its so nice of you guys to
share your knowledge with us all…Thanks for being you!

Ultimate Paper Mache says:

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