Pomeranian/Chihuahua puppies

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Pomchis taking their first bite of real food! 24 days old.


PixieGlitter007 says:


ella marie says:

wow those puppies must be hungry!! n theyre so cute!!

deathnote23567987 says:

i think they are so cute

samstterhamstteer says:

they are so tiny when they are young

Gorby Nguyen says:


JayJayKitten says:

I thought it was speeded up at first they were going so fast! So cute!

ntosmvptyrd says:

they looks like pigs LOL

2randomguys69 says:

cute! i got a black one!

darkclover23 says:

can i trade u dogs mine dosent know how to walk he rolls over

Herman Morales says:

thats a nasty sound lol

pepsi90210 says:

are they eating chocolate ice cream? cuz they can die if they eat that stuff

TimmyB4 says:

thats sooo cute i mite have one of those as a pet soon

nicolepuppyluv says:

PEOPLE ITS WET DOG FOOD! …… im getting one soon…… there cute …as

LionGoddess1 says:

geez they still look so young they have teeth?

LissCanDoMakeup says:

awww baby dewies :] i forgot how samll they are :]

BlackZipp Mercy says:

im getting one of those should i get black or white plz tell me

antixthamost says:

well when they are puppies they have to eat smushi and chewy food because
they dont have teeth

ololusername says:

disgusting backyard breeders. ugh

1029384756ofme says:

It looks like eggplant or meat

Stargymnast01 says:

I have a black one with some white, like the one on the left

Eric Molina says:

what are they eating?

Gail Halpin says:

Oh man people really think they are eating ice cream? Grow up. They are so
stinkin cute and don’t they just love their food!

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