Pregnancy Series:Sex After Giving Birth

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david lee says:

Rewind forward !?

Radagast Herblord says:

Man i thought you were filipina. You remind of mestiza/mix/eurasian girls
here. You should visit the philippines. Not all of it is bad. Hehe.

Radagast Herblord says:

Hi im filipino, was in singapore recently. If i knew there were girls or
pple like you there, i would’ve stayed on for just a bit longer. Love the
cha kway teow and chicken rice. Amazing stuff.

atinanoymous says:

Would love a house tour

Radagast Herblord says:

Preggies????? Mannnn i knew i shouldve taken a longer look around. Missed
the boat again!!! D

Richa Gill says:

Amazing!!!!! so happy for you and your husband! :) congrats on having your
little one! xx

Jenny Cupcakey says:

Helpful video….thanks babe

Asha Hanisha says:

you are such a pretty + cute lady that i have ever admired! envy you! <3 :)
Please do more videos!! and we would love a house tour too! ;) 

Radagast Herblord says:

You kinda look like my ex.hehehe.

Ashwini lim says:

May i know the full name of your gynae and the hospital that you delivered?

Jewel Box says:

Thnks for sharing…Great info there. :) 

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