Rottweiler cuddling two chihuahua puppies

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my rotty cuddles two chihuahua puppies. they always do that everyday. ;) )


RyuTakeru says:

Very Cute

Kartik Chandrasekhar says:

Great majority of rottweilers and pit bulls are gentle souls. 

HuggiMa says:

Puppy scalp massage with Rottweiler teeth.

wirina holstein says:

Awww such a gentle, loving rottweiler. A very powerful dog but SO careful.

Gonny015 says:

@TheJacob1597 its true, they are sweet clown black and tan dogs. :) sadly
too many people thinks on the bad side to this breed.

BoeingJetTech says:

There are no bad breeds, just bad owners.

TheJacob1597 says:

Rottweilers are nice dogs but Hellas protective

Jarrod Wexley says:

I’ve met TONS of Rotties, and not a single one was vicious. They are calm,
even-tempered, highly intelligent dogs.

naqia42kea says:

Love how the Rottweiler let’s the two puppies climb on him and he is very
gentle with them. Just soo cute. Rottweilers are great dogs. All you have
to do is raise them right and show them love and care. Their like big
protective babies. Very cute!!!

Amy Choi says:

He’s so gentle :) My rottie does that chin rest/nudge thing too with my two
pet rats.

Gonny015 says:

Thanks! :)

Kitte Rigo says:

awww puppy love <3

krayzeejojo says:

So-called “Vicious breed” theory debunked once agin

yankonthis says:

i always wanted a combo a rottweiler and a boxer

CroBlondie says:

I wouldn’t let chihuahuas near my rott,these small creatures easily turn
into effin monsters.

April Lee says:

what a good dog. letting them climb all over his big head

Gonny015 says:

@CramoisiLetoile He really is ^_^ thanks!

Alejandra Avila says:

they are so ADORABLE. LOVE IT <3

Sandor Clegane says:


iarcheese says:

i hate how the public image of the Rottweiler is that of a fierce
killer,when in fact if raised with love they’re very friendly and may act
even clownish around people they like,which if socialized is usually an
person on earth.So long as their owner approves of them,its amazing how
dogs can read their owners emotions and react to them

Jessica Martin says:

The Rottie is a cuddle bug!!!

Gonny015 says:

@mdk516 at first yes, but you surely need to supervise them always when
they’re together, always correct immediately if some of the dogs turn
rough. so they’ll know your games and rules. No Harsh Play. :D

Future0fLP says:

@0:27? What is he doing?

Swiftyfann says:

I enjoy this thanks

UCoffee Skittle says:

Too many people will also think of pomeranians in the bad side too at this
rate. I think in less than 10 years,there won’t be any breed that won’t be
in danger of being banned lol

Future0fLP says:

@0:30? What he is doing?

mdk516 says:

aren’t you worried he’ll step on them and crush them? I have a 4yr old
boxer and a 10 week old pom. I’m afraid the boxer will step on the pom.

BPsultan says:

cutest video ever….

Sofia Wing says:


Simplemindedgenius says:

It’s the eyes that are funny lol

Vargas Bernadette says:


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