Salsa Dancing Dogs

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So you think YOU can dance–what about your pup? These dogs were natural born dancers. Their paws don’t lie as they dance the Salsa. Edited by: Gina Feghali Links listed below to full videos…


Doglover 101 says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs:

謝道德 says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs

Animatronic blazer says:

omg so cute watch it lol 


ดู VDO สุนัขเต้นระบำน่ารัก ลองดู

Diana Phoenix says:

Ay yi yi!

Doglover 101 says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs:

Mari H says:

The one tied to the chair breaks my heart :( 

Lisa Mombourquette says:

Oh my god, the dancing dogs are so funny. I laughed out loud. The video of
the babies annoying their beautiful dogs is so cute and funny as well. Love

Алексей Чеботарев says:
Marlene Soto rosado says:

ผมเต้นรำเป็นยังไงบ้าง จ๊าบมั๊ยยยย

Noelia Gonzalez says:

This dogs have the spirit of dancers it’s amazing.

Braden Banks says:


Jason Grandbois says:
Mary Chulak-ogly says:

This dogs are talented and so cute 

Andrii Lukiantsev says:

Я пригласить хочу на танец вас, и только вас…

Tatyana Solovey says:
Samantha Dejesus says:

ha salsa danceing dog 

crodo123 says:

one would think that you’d actually put salsa as the background music…
just saying..

Thitiporn Konkeaw says:


Salsa Dancing Dogs

Mike Ventura says:

¿¿Y a quién no le gusta bailar salsa oye?? Porque a mi me eeeencanta y
dicen las expertas (osease, las mujeres) que no se me da naaada mal baby ;)

PT: Reconozco que en este vídeo hay algún perrito que me supera :P jajajaja

簡筱玲 says:


David Kkten says:

Brighten up your Monday a bit!

fredd barragan says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs:
HAPPY DANCE +Patti Huffman​ is back

William Piggott says:


MrShadowfox456 says:

The dog at 13 seconds can really shake that booty lol

Reggie Dorsey says:

That dog at 1:22 had a nice bachata going. 

Liz Matsutani says:
snikysnail R says:

I dont like most of this clips in this video. They are patronizing and I
dont think you can se it in that perspective.

Patricia Serna says:

So cute

Emilio Mendez says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs:

Shalufamily Jimmy says:


Carlos Portes says:

Not that this matters, but that’s not salsa, it’s merengue

Rocky 16 says:

Salsa Dancing Dogs:
HAPPY DANCE +Patti Huffman​ is back

maribel Osorio says:

Nice and to cute and funny lol

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