Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens

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To see how Sparta’s kids growing up, go to: Who is the daddy ? go to: ‘SPARTA DATING AND MATING’ http://www.youtub…


Martin O'leary says:

My cat just gave birth to two kittens today, coming home tomorrow to see
them :) 

Aminah Mowatt says:

Aww bless her, hope her kittens are well

Sagal Aden says:

it’s really awkward to know that when animals give birth, it takes a while
of course but they do it on their own with no help. BUT when A HUMAN gives
birth…**** is about to get real…Screaming, crying, pain…

DrNworb says:

Beautiful kitties

Finn Mertens says:

To those who disliked this video, you clearly have no soul.

alexandra armand says:

I would of never thought this video had so many views until I looked down
at the amount of views!

Tristan Storar says:

just lick off the blood kitty. just lick it. SO CUTE

CuddlebugEU says:

You should have really let he be alone with the Kittens

Mirela Zovko says:

The black one tho!! So pretty

Zuzia Zielinska says:

aww they are so cute! congratulations! make sure you give them good homes.

Goddess_Arachne999 says:

omg theyre so cute I cant do this anymore!!!!!!! *jumps into active volcano*

Merkwad Vasilios says:

sparta’s a girl?

alucard0712 says:

this is SPARTA!!!!!!

Holly Brewer says:

OMG those kitties r so cute! anyone who doesn’t like doesn’t have the
ability. Look at that adorableness! not a word I know but with kittens it

Samantha Flower says:

She’s a good mummy ;) 

Ben Cutter says:

How does a pile of newborn kittens get 1000 dislikes haha!?

Adam Milk says:

Who was the father?

Pugsy Pug says:

Imagine if they were at a cat hospital, having other cats yelling
“breathe!” and “Push!”


I should lay off the drugs…

wolfkniteX says:

Is no one going to make the joke?
(Looks around)
No? Okay, I guess I’ll do it.
(clears throat)

Brenda Garro says:

What a precious girl

stonem001 says:

This is madness!

nsdfnsdf says:

cats are wonderful animals, I walk my cat once a week on his leash and
harness, and give him a bath once a month. I play fetch with him, and he
sometimes grooms me (like sand paper to my skin, but still cute) cats are
wonderful animals if you love them and treat them well.

GrumpyMom says:

She’s so pretty! I love the kitty baby bump.

Akela TheWolf says:

what is the breed name ?

LimeGreenPikachu says:

HNNNNNNG! Kittens.. So cute!

signerleo snyder says:

what kind cat is that

Sinead Pavlovski says:

what breed of cat is sparta?

Funni Bunni says:

Oh boy! My kitty Laila is pregnant and due in a couple of days, MAYBE next
week. ANd the thing is, the only person she trusts is me, so Ima have to be
there or she be pissed. Wish me luck!

Shiny Mew says:

“This cat gave birth to kittens”
“Nice, what is her name?”

Sam Imagines dragons says:

3:33 Lelelelelelelel

maq hristova says:

Oh my fucking god, they are so fucking cute ~

Mylaine Diaz says:

*dies of cutenass*

Leo Messi says:

Purrfect video <3

Obama Rocks says:

My friend’s cat is pregnant and he is coming to my house in July so we can
help it. >:D

MarissaTheHedgehog says:

awwwww so cuuuuuuuuuuute!

misster490 says:

3:33 omg… the first time I see that cat nozzles like a dog 0.0

LRSToob says:

How old do cats have to be to give birth?

Helix says:

I could help but laugh at the fact that she looks as if she’s saying.

praxisnode says:

my cat gave birth to 4 kittens like 3 years ago , i remember i was sleeping
and she was in the closet a few feet away, woke me up with the loud meow
she gave, popped 2 kittens out . i had to go to work , so i did, got back
home 8 hours later, saw 2 kittens , so thought that was it , them she
starts meowing loud again and out pop 2 more kitten, one at a time.
strange, i think she waited for me to get home to give birth, or maybe it
was just coincidence .

saptarishi mukerjee says:

My mom says to get a cat when you go to USA

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