Sweet Pea giving birth to baby chihuahuas!!!

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Sweet Pea had a great pregnancy. She was sooo big we thought she was having atleast 5 pups but towards the end of her pregnancy we brought her to the vet for…


wolfe rabbetrabbit says:

cute cute cute cute cute

Sandy Yang says:

AWESOME birth! Reminds me of my dog giving birth.

MissRokkstar101 says:

cute puppies! i wish i could have puppies but my mom says no

Trishanator Leans says:

AWWW she gave birth on my classmates b-day!! HOW SWEET!!!

Starla08Jade says:

@finey23 awe Im so sorry hun…and thank you…they are my world

nicolejm0422 says:

she gave birth on my birthday

Starla08Jade says:

@MainelyButch Thanks hun!

Mia Mori says:


ihatekoolaid14 says:

there is absolutely NOTHING more precious than little puppies!!! My head’s
going to explode from the absolute sweetness of these wittle babies :D

Davina Villarreal says:

lol my dog digs to!!

Starla08Jade says:

@isabella8885 Yes she did thanks hun!

kara1sara1show says:

@cocakolaclubpenguin haha im 10 and i hava chihuahua

7672547 says:

My Chipoo mix had 2 litters one was unplanned but the pups turned out fine :D The pups look alot like hers!

leo0480vikes says:

my sister has a purebred chihuahua puppy thats bout 9 weeks old and she
bought it for only 200. she named it prime. it has that silvery back and a
light caramel color and its the sweetest lil thing!!!

emelia1996 says:

Aww that is so beautiful :) congratulations !!

cocakolaclubpenguin says:

@Starla08Jade ya buy shes like bigger than her husband her husband is a
puney little monster lol buy yours are cute

whitetail0195 says:

@cocakolaclubpenguin OMG im a 10 year old girl to and dog had her puppies
on Easter to except they were Shichi (part chihuahua and part shitzhu) and
she did wonderful

MainelyButch says:

Wow….cool! congrats!

finey23 says:

wow this is beautiful. i was watcing i am legend lastnight with will smith
and his companion(dog) was killed n i wept so bad. i looove dogs so bad, i
cant exxplain it i just do. thank u for sharing. they are beautiful

EzanaJaz says:

That is so beautiful..What did you name them all?

Jessica Hurd says:

I have a chihuahua thats pregnant and shes 2 yrs old and shes due Sept
2-4,2011 and shes smaller than most chihuahuas and we cant afford to pay
for a c-section.

TheDeeGloria says:

aww she did an awesome job my chihuahua is pregnat do i have to help her
give birth???

atticachik1 says:

i watched my chihuahua being born! it was amazing. :) i’ve also delivered a
number of kittens. just anticipating the birth of my own lil baby girl!!
EXCITED! :D cute names for the pups

Starla08Jade says:

@cocakolaclubpenguin You really need to get her to a vet to see how many
puppies she is having hun. I was SO scared but she couldnt have done a
better job! Sweet Pea was about 10 months old with this litter [it wasnt
planned] I know its very scary but just do a lot of reading and get her to
the vet asap! Good Luck hun

7672547 says:

My Chipoo mix had 2 litters one was unplanned but the pups turned out fine :D

Starla08Jade says:

@nandigirl123 Thank you

Starla08Jade says:

@TheDeeGloria I woke up to the first puppy crying! lol I sat up with her
the rest of the way but I didnt have to do a thing! She did a wonderful job!

BoeingJetTech says:

Three people actually DISLIKED this? Whats wrong with people? Three people
are oxygen thieves.

lonewolf2444 says:

Aw. Those chihuahuas look like chimpins!( a cross from a min pin and

cocakolaclubpenguin says:

your a sweet person mine is pregant and im a 10 year old girl but i dont
want her to die wat do i do please help me!

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