[Barking] Videos

PUPPY OR BABY ? strange barking [...]
Feb. 27, 2016 Chili Moon, the Chihuahua, chasing "Large Marge" the heron/Egret on El Mogote Beach South of La Paz in Baja, Mexico. It's good to be a dog! [...]
Excited German Shepherd Keeps Viciously Jumping on me. Huge Mastiff Puppy Bazooka Barking At longboard. My Siberian Huskies first time meeting a mastiff. Husky eating Raw meat vs Kibble, dog *P.O BOX- [...]
Magpie Singing - imitating Barking dog, Siren and other birds [...]
How to train your dog: Working on Barking issue in crate at agility [...]
Shut Your Dogs Up - Revenge For The Barking Dogs! [...]
Dog barking at tv [...]