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baby elephant is coming to the world [...]
Shakira candidly reviews the shape she's in only five months after giving birth to her son, Milan. [...]
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Kim Kardashian is out of hiding! But she may as well have been a unicorn, because only one random person got a look at her. But here's everything you want to know anyway. [...]
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We're so glad that she made it. It wasn't easy for her to gave birth for the first time. We're sorry, if Tieze (the chihuahua) wasn't able to took her shower... [...]
Pitukas first litter, here is a quick pick as I didn't had much since I was assisting her, first was a baby Girl and second and final was a baby boy, enjoy! ... [...]
Bunny's first puppy. [...]
Chihuahua Facts! My Chihuahua gives birth to 4 beautiful puppies on May 10 2012! There is a lot of interesting Chihuahua facts to discover! Chihuahuas are fu... [...]
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