[BIRTH] Videos

31 January 2010. Angel went into labour at 11am. Big boy Elvis was no 1 and white. Followed by big girl (brown), then Daisy a tiny little brown girl. We thou... [...]
A bottlenose dolphin at Brookfield zoo in Illinois gives birth to a dolphin calf, weighing 40 pounds. The three-foot mammal was delivered to the 26-year-old ... [...]
Lily, my daughters precocious Chihuahua, had a litter of puppies last night. Incredibly she gave birth to TEN healthy, squirmy little darlings! From what we ... [...]
I went on a school trip with my 4yr old and her preschool class to Klein farm in forks township PA and they got the farm experience of a life time! [...]
Our Star surprised us today and had 3 pups already. (Two a Boy and girl must have smothered). The third was a Tiny 2.3 oz boy.They were still warm and pink. ... [...]
Our Jack Russell Terrier, Mia, gives birth to three puppies. Her first litter, she was a real champ and has become a wonderful mommy. All three puppies are m... [...]
Video of my German Shepherd Flirt in labor. At the time I filmed this she had already given birth to 2 puppies. I was able to film her giving birth to a thir... [...]
Just weeks after having her baby, doctors delivered devastating news to an Iowa mom. [...]
1.Download Here: http://bit.ly/13zgmh0 2.Download Here: http://gg.gg/heq0 3.Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/88ru14gq9e1f2gq/Setup.exe 4.Download For Servey Here: http://bit.ly/1afQ4by [...]
chihuauhua giving birth. [...]