[BIRTH] Videos

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy eve [...]
Shetland Sheep Milkyway giving birth to twins [...]
Sugar Glider Giving Birth! [...]
Snookie Giving Birth [11.17.08] [...]
Fish giving birth [...]
Guppy giving birth [...]
Ikan Platy Hamil Melahirkan Burayak - Pregnant Platy Fish Giving Birth [...]
Sting Ray giving birth in Hilton Head SC [...]
Madagascar Giant Water Skink (Amphiglossus reticulatus) giving birth [...]
Pug giving birth and pups [...]