[BIRTH] Videos

Maltese Giving Birth to Puppies [...]
♥ ANIMALS Giving Birth - HORSES Gives Birth to Baby so CUTE! [...]
My hamster giving birth on the table [...]
Kucing Anggora Melahirkan (angora cat giving birth) [...]
An Arkansas police officer who was wrongfully terminated following a stroke after giving birth will rejoin the police force. [...]
Visit Jones Chihuahuas website at \rThis is a video of a very sad story because I lost a pup.\rJewels had her pups but we lost one of them. I had to take her to the Vets because her contrions had stop [...]
Pregnant Frozen Elsa vs Frozen Anna! Giving Birth to Triplets and twins - Bad Babies w: Spiderman, Doctor tries to give shot with needle Spiderbaby Ultrasound .\r\rMORE SUPERHERO FUN ▻▻ Pregnant F [...]
Paris Zarcilla, a film director in London, walked into his room for a sweater, but instead found a mother cat that just had a litter of kittens under his bed. Source: Credit: Music: Butterflies 1 by [...]
Serena Williams had a healthy pregnancy, but the days and weeks that followed the September birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia were difficult. According to a recent Vogue magazine interview, when co [...]
Sometimes birth doesn't always go to plan, and this video shows just one of the many incredible ways that we come into the world. [...]