[Chihuahua] Videos

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Chihuahua Korba & Luna [...]
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Cachorro chihuahua nº 1 comendo Pão Francês. Veja esse Cão de Raça Pequena como é louco por Pão. [...]
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Tiny Chihuahua Da Rat Chooses A Charizard Gx Premium Collection Box and MAKES ME MONEY! 50k Sub Giftcard Giveaway! Krypto Enters Ygs house, Getting Spotted AGAIN. Thanks for 50k! FOR A CHANCE TO WIN [...]
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Apple Head Chihuahua On A CORD Meets A tiny Female Poodle While visiting a camera shop, Female Pitbull SEDUCES Alpha Siberian Husky Inside Dogpark! Do Pitbull breed and Husky Mix? *P.O BOX- KzE 1522 C [...]
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A collection of clips showing how quickly a puppy grows in the first 45 days. This video is from 24 through 27 days old.\rThe dad is a pomeranian and the mom is a mix with part chihuahua. [...]