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Occurred on June 18, 2017 / Soozi, Yongin, Korea Info from Licensor: "A year ago, I found my old harmonica. When I played it, my dog suddenly started to sing along with me." [...]
Footage has emerged of a one-year-old chihuahua saying papa at its owner request in China. The video, filmed in Chengde City in northeastern Hebei Province on October 7, shows the dog copying its owne [...]
Watch 3 adorable Chubby Puppies & Friends sets from Celebnyc toy channel for kids and preschool children with stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cute dogs such Cockapoo, German Shepherd, and Long Haire [...]
Ils ont retrouvé ce chihuahua abandonné dans une boite devant la porte de leur association et l'ont soigné. Regardez le résultat ... une nouvelle vie ! [...]
Chihuahua rolling in dirt [...]
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Our chihuahua Zoey giving birth to puppies\rHere is the puppy all grown up :) [...]
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