[doing] Videos

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Chihuahuas doing the nasty!! (VERY FUNNY) [...]
Miniature Chihuahua Mimi doing her cute kangaroo trick [...]
Chihuahua doing tricks [...]
The most beutiful, talented good and clever Chiuahua dog I have ewer seen and owned . She has learnd how to sit down, wait for it, and knows the number 3 is the ok word. And run one round... [...]
Chihuahua Chilly is practicing her tricks at the dog park. [...]
This is Marley, our 1 year old Long Hair Chihuahua doing tricks. He doesn't know "down" like his brother Zero, or "roll over," but he still knows a few trick... [...]
Cute chihuahua Chilly is doing 10 tricks in a row in 25 seconds. [...]
Recorded on October 23, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. [...]
Popcorn aiming for the 40 yard dash times! [...]