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GIVING BIRTH FLASHBACK Sophie Simpson gives birth to her son David. Home And Away [...]
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Chihuahua Hilma tuli kotiin, chihu came home [...]
Long Legged Sweet Pea a Deer Chihuahua Looking For a Home! [...]
A small chihuahua who can't see and can barely hear is looking for a new home. The pooch, named Spike, ended up at the MSPCA Angell Hospital, after a family bought him online. [...]
Chihuahua puppies first day home from the animal shelter and they meet our Maltese dogs. [...]
Amusing footage of a dog going crazy when his owner comes through the door. The funny video, filmed in California, USA last year, shows the dog howling and screaming in the most bizarre fashion, as h [...]
American Bulldog giving birth at home ☆ Animals Life [...]
According to user 'tertocdav' this routine takes place every day. Watch as this excited dog can't wait to greet his owner when he comes home and sits on the ... Believe it or not my dog is almost 5 y [...]
Welcome Home Suki! My New White Chihuahua Puppy [...]