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Chihuahua puppies first day home from the animal shelter and they meet our Maltese dogs. [...]
Teen Mom Giving Water Birth At Home Natural Birth Story HD videos Pregnant woman giving natural birth at home - water birth videos After experiencing a hospital, epidural birth and a hospital natural [...]
Watch > https://distrify.com/videos/9uk28U This dynamic film portrays the strength of childbirth from a fathers perspective as well as shows how fluid and empowering birth can be for the birthing [...]
Watch Now >>> https://distrify.com/videos/a6DqTU-at-home-in-orland-maine This birth features the second homebirth experience for Valerie Bates and her husband, Todd Cotier. Valerie and Todd [...]
GIVING BIRTH FLASHBACK Sophie Simpson gives birth to her son David. Home And Away [...]
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Chihuahua Hilma tuli kotiin, chihu came home [...]