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These Dogs Are Being Trained To Wait, But What This Little Dog Does Is Totally Unexpected [...]
Chihuahua The Sausage Thief !! Elmo Staff The Greedy Chihuahua from Staffy Lover ChihuahuaDog12 Follow us for continuous updates dog Chihuahua. The best vide... [...]
Payton the chihuahua has a sweet fetish for pink female dolphins she currently owns 2 (yes shes a pimp) after she knocked out leeroy for these hoes. they are... [...]
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How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder: If you've checked shelters and rescue groups and still haven't found "the one," here's what to do. The Humane Society ... [...]
What happens after they hear "OK" is absolutely hilarious! NOVAcotton (^?^) THis channel's purpose?! well.. To Find ALL THE (>'_')>~(\\\)Tasty Music, Vivacious Videos, and ? ¸? melodramatic Dr [...]
Elmo the Dog is a Chihuahua and a Staffy mix. He is also a little greedy... That little cuteness steals sausages from two other big dogs. [...]