[Luna] Videos

Luna der Chihuahua- Lunas Tricks [...]
Chihuahua Korba & Luna [...]
An's Angels: geboorte Chihuahua Luna [...]
My dog, Luna, having a short 'run and bark'! Luna does not bark much - especially not on camera. She does run a lot though, but is also hard to get on video. So this was a pretty rare video... [...]
hector y rapu (dany) bailando de chihuahua a la concordia.. region de chihuahua...en una precentacion en el teatro de las artes en parque fundidora en monter... [...]
fargo,fuego et fibula [...]
Luna, my Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua mix, is running around the backyard and barking! Luna barks at certain things, especially when she is outside and c... [...]
Luna beherrscht tolle Tricks! [...]
Lo mas nuevesito de los gallitos de chihuahua ;) Arribaa la sierraaaa. [...]
Luna the chihuahua! She is about 8 months old and about 5 lbs. Her mom was a miniature chihuahua and her dad was a teacup chihuahua. She is a very sweet dog.... [...]