[making] Videos

Life Of Giraffe Making Love And Giving Birth [...]
Life Of Lion Making Love And Giving Birth HD [...]
Bagel Dog and Chihuahua Puppy Playing Making Strange Sounds [...]
Chihuahua puppy making his bed [...]
pecan wanted a hot dog and she was acting making sounds as her way of talking lol. she gets cranky but its so cute. Add her Facebook page www.facebook.com/Pecan.Darko. [...]
my dog Jack making a funny noise while he licks me. [...]
This is a Chihuahua. she is looking at me making funny faces because I was making funny sounds. we are in the bed and just about to go to sleep and that's wh... [...]
http://www.UltimatePaperMache.com If you want to use my pattern, I'll put it up on my blog at http://www.UltimatePaperMache.com/chihuahua1 My best-selling bo... [...]
My girl is not to happy with her new snow shoes lol. [...]