[Puppy] Videos

PUPPY OR BABY ? strange barking [...]
Khira Rottweiler Giving Birth - 1st puppy [...]
A collection of clips showing how quickly a puppy grows in the first 45 days. This video is from 24 through 27 days old.\rThe dad is a pomeranian and the mom is a mix with part chihuahua. [...]
Excited German Shepherd Keeps Viciously Jumping on me. Huge Mastiff Puppy Bazooka Barking At longboard. My Siberian Huskies first time meeting a mastiff. Husky eating Raw meat vs Kibble, dog *P.O BOX- [...]
36 day old puppy playing with his mother. The other pomeranian that walks by is the father. [...]
This is the Birth of my Chihuahuas 2nd Baby - head first. Mimbsi has giving birth for the first time to 4 healthy Puppys. [...]
Yorkie puppy barking. so cute ♥ [...]
This weeks blog shows us taking coconut to the beach for the first time. Mango already knows her way around the place a bit and I cant say she LOVES the place haha. \r\rI also added some snip bits of [...]