[Screaming] Videos

Four-year-old Mr Bubz, a chihuahua, makes a disturbingly good Freddy Krueger for Halloween, making some typically entertaining noises for the camera. [...]
Chihuahua Giving Birth screaming in pain [...]
My dog was barking when I said her name " Troubles " [...]
Hi Guys!!! This is a montage I created of a bunch of women screaming while giving birth and I'm warning ya those women know how to scream. In this video thos... [...]
woke up to the sounds of babys behind our couch.She had 6 very prettykittens ! Was able to film one coming out very yucky but way to cool.First and last litter. [...]
my chihuahua tinkerbell , stitches were infected and was hurt and in pain. [...]
Me jumping out and scaring our dog with a fencing mask. [...]
This is Rosey going birth to her 3 puppies. She was in a lot of pain but all puppies and mom turned out to be fine. [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
This is my dog named Cleo... He loves talking or responding or singing .....I've many private videos of him but this is the 1st public video. Enjoy! [...]