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Angry Bullmastiff Puppy, (at 8 Stone) "You want some" Barking, and puffing at 0:26 [...]
SPANKY a teacup CHIHUAHUA doesnt want to be a short TOY dog [...]
My chihuahua keeps barking at me for some reason.. [...]
Dexter really didn't like the crate up until we learnt the kennel up trick the other day.. It took 10-20minutes and lots of yummy treats to change his mind a... [...]
Created on December 26, 2009 using FlipShare. [...]
Our Toy Yorkie Micro Tea Cup Chihuahua " I don't want to be soup!" , "yikes!!!!" [...]
Funny cute mini-movie about a toy played by micro dwarf chihuahua, Spanky, who wants to become a real dog. Tormented by funny Jamaican chihuahua and saved by... [...]
The male chihuahuas are playing and trying to mate with the other females, but none of them want Dezarea, the chocolate female. Show them playing so I record... [...]