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Kaci Sullivan is said to be the first person in the world to give birth to a baby once while living as a woman and then again while living as a man. Sullivan and his partner are keeping the sex of the [...]
there are kind of dificulties amongst the western countries regarding the families's affairs [...]
A Woman Who Came to Giving Birth in Lodhran Treated Badly in Hospital [...]
Calif. Woman Says Chihuahua Died Saving Her Kids [...]
Katie Kropas, age 23, asked her grandmother to drive her to the hospital after she began to have abdominal pains. Upon arrival, doctors informed the young woman that she was pregnant, about 9 months p [...]
Woman Giving Birth in a Bath-tub !! [...]
http://trypregnancy.com/ (See more tips to help you get pregnant fast) Woman giving birth video ,this is amazing time for moms and dads ,You will see how we are birth [...]
Intended for educational purposes. Please use viewer discretion! [...]
The world's fattest woman has more sex than you. But don't worry, she's having more sex than most people. Pauline Potter, who held the Guinness World Record for fattest female on the planet,... [...]
WOMAN GIVING BIRTH TO ALIEN ! woman gives birth woman alien births [...]